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Jan 4, 2013 12:00pm PST
a dream come true ♪ now, beat it. ♪ out of all the fellas in the world ♪ hey, you all right, kid. ♪ she belongs to you your father know you're here, billy? no, and i'd appreciate if we kept it that way. ♪ but it was just my imagination ♪ sorry to hear about your brother, sweetie. oh, i didn't order anything. ♪ it was just my imagination be careful, young man. thanks for the drink... miss. my mother's the only "miss" in my family. you can really play those drums. play a lot more than that. really? yeah, learn by ear. if-if i hear it, i can play it. (coughs) (laughs) so you can hold a beat, but you can't hold your liquor? well, well, i'm a quick learner. bartender: one more coming up. ♪ every night... who was the girl? beatrice something. older, but wise to the fact that drummers keep the rhythm. beatrice sloan? that's it. yeah, used to work for ronde brooks. ronde brooks? of ronde records? one and the same. but i always thought that beatrice was ronde's girl. ronde know about her and billy? you gotta ask him. don't let the suit fool you, 'cause ronde came up in the streets, and y
Jan 5, 2013 5:30pm PST
. well, thank you. an old fella like you needs all the help he can get. yeah, i'll show you a fella my age. who's the grumpy bastard? yeah, i'm a grumpy bastard. hey, you know something, riggs? when i do retire, i hope your next partner is just like you. that's not gonna happen. 'cause there's winners and there's losers, and god wouldn't do that to me. yeah, well, he did it to me. i know. hey. see what i mean? my point exactly. son of a gun. stay away from my daughter. you can't be serious. what are you talking about? i saw what it was. you kissed rianne. can i help it if she finds me irresistible? that's not the point. it was a platonic peck on the cheek between friends. okif it's just friendship, try shaking hands next time. what's your problem? are you getting enough fiber in your diet? i'm getting enough fiber in my diet. i'm spoken for, ok? i'm going to pick lorna up from the hospital this afternoon. yeah? you're serious. well, we got a dog and everything. i figure i can, you knowmake ends meet.
Comedy Central
Jan 25, 2013 1:30am PST
that every woman i've ever enraged might have been faking it. i don't think so, fellas. i've infuriated my share of the ladies over the years and let me tell you, i get them there, okay? [ laughter ] they always seem pretty worked up. i can tell when it's real, i mean, they're screaming the whole time. i've even had neighbors comai not to brag, but i've ken some women to a place that wasn't even human. that i don't have to take that to the internet but the like average teenager stuff i have a nice place and community. >> stephen: do you go to school? >> yeah. >> stephen: what are you taking? >> english. >> stephen: what is the book you had to read this year? what are you working on now? >> a poetry unit. >> stephen: what are you reading? >> robert frost. >> stephen: do you have a favorite frost poem? >> when i get to it, ah? [ laughter ] >> stephen: nice. i did just blow your english grade right now? >> my teacher is watching this, too. >> stephen: say two roads diverged in the woods. >> yeah, right the famous one. >> stephen: the good one. your magazine has positive images and messages fo
Dec 31, 2012 11:00pm PST
>> hi, fellas. >> wait till the boys back at the office hear about this, kelly. you must be leading a fat life to fall for a pair of shoes. >> you know tricky dick? >> know him? he almost flunked me in advanced blowing up suspension bridges. meet my instructor from indoctrination school. >> kelly robinson. >> you half-wit. you're gonna get yourself killed with those practical jokes someday. you know, when he pulled that on me in class one time, i like to shot my leg right off. scotty, meet russ conley. partner, meet my teacher. >> how you doing? >> well, what are you doing in hong kong? >> vacation. >> that's great. you picked the right place for it. we'll make him swing, will we not? >> yes. >> yes, we will. really a vacation, or...? >> well, there was a pretty rough assignment in hawaii. i got a little banged up. they asked me where i wanted to go for my vacation. i said hong kong. >> right. >> while i was at it, the pentagon said deliver this, which makes me a diplomatic pouch of a kind who could do with a small drink to make us a toast. >> well, we got some beer coming right up.
Jan 9, 2013 11:00pm PST
of the year 2nd half 2 fella named brock motum had himself a game tonight fat for the cougars - easy layup here motum: game high 29 points 4:31 left, cardinal up 3 3 dwight powell - the follow dunk as the cardinal pull away powell: 16 points, 11 rebs stanford goes 12/12 from foul line in last two minutes stanford wins 78-67 >> the baseball hall of fame and not one that new player. no chance. they say when you are in the 30's it is going to take at least four or five years before you get in and near. that is what history tells you how did barry bonds take the news? he is said the four seasons hotel in maui. and as the go towards saturday. 12 justin smith is he going to be available? >> he says that he is ready to go. that is good enough for me. and god willing to the and the creek don't rise. and we kept the camera on him of the coach. and we have asked him why he never moved from high school to college coaching. the mind of the age group. there will move when you ask them to move >> your never motivated by money? or in your experience? >> i would rather be happy and comfortable where i cou
Jan 16, 2013 11:30am PST
for items 1 and 2? >> thank you, budget and finance. it's hard on a fella, when he doesn't always know his parking way around. we need some parking in the city, in the city and town. oh, it's a saturday night and i ain't get no parking. i need some parking in the city, hey. i am in an awful way. there is another fella, who told me he had a city for parking and driving just fine. instead of being my deliverance, it had a parking resemblance to a city of parking like frankenstein. oh, it's a saturday night and i ain't got no parking. i got no parking by the city in the bay. i am in an awful way. and i want to go downtown, where all the lights are bright. parking downtown, it's waiting for me tonight. parking downtown, the garage and parking is waiting for you. >> thank you. are there other members of the public who wish to speak on items 1 or 2? seeing none, public comment is closed. we have two these items before us. if there are no other questions i do have a few comments to make on them. i do appreciate the folks who have come out to speak and i absolutely understand why it has become p
Jan 9, 2013 4:00pm EST
scared them away! at least that's what the big fella says. let's get this straight. there was no ghost and there never was. it was just a harmless bit of fun. what big fella? i'm not crazy about the beer either. which could do with changing, by the way. big fella? brendan! so -- not crazy about the beer, eh? okay, mate... this'll knock down your coat. for god's sake! ( sound of horse's hooves ) oonagh? ( screaming ) oonagh! oonagh! ah! he's here. i mean i'm not asking for myself. not being a regular attender and all, but, ah, isn't there some sort of exorcism thing, huh? see, oonagh's a bag of nerves. an exorcism is meant to banish a demon from a possessed person. it's not meant for beer cellars. right. i could say mass -- give a blessing. whatever. throw the whole lot at it. oonagh would appreciate that. paul... you say there was a bat or something in there? could it have been a bird? maybe. louie? ( sound of the wind ) ( dog howls ) swindled me out of me cottage! takin' up all the fishin'. he asked for it. now, "pay kathleen hendley "eight thousand pounds." it's
Comedy Central
Jan 9, 2013 11:00pm PST
is the zen master. have you ever seen good fellas. go home and get your (bleep) shinebox. [ laughter ] what is it giving you? do you practice it? is it an art form? >> with zen, you mean? >> jon: has it given you a sense of peace or understanding? >> it's interconnectedness. realizing we're all until this together. that -- [ laughter ] we are one. we are one. [ laughter ] [cheers and applause] >> jon: it must be a ball to hang out with you guys. you hung out and had this long conversation about life and understanding. >> whatever came , you know. >> jon: and put it together. >> and boom! >> jon: if. i am to read this, when i get to the end of journey of the book what is my understanding then? what is the enlightenment that i find? >> that's up to you, jon. $ [laughter] $. >> jon: you are a zen master. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> jon: that's exactly what you were supposed to say. you've done it. >> i forgot the nose. >> jon: i was really worried that it was filled with -- i was going to do this like -- [ laughter ] and that would be the end of it. it wasn't so funny for funnyman jon stewart. i'
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Jan 17, 2013 11:00pm PST
? >> hi-yah! how you doing, fellas? >> hey, schmitty, excuse me. >> hey, did i miss the festivities? >> excuse me... >> what are we doing here? what's going on? >> schmidt, no, no! >> hey, how are you? >> do you want to have sex with me? >> yes, i do. >> well, there you go. >> see you, guys. monster. >> oh! >> you all right? where do you want to go? you got a car? >> i don't know. >> we'll use mine, come on. >> schmitty. >> let's go back to the bar. >> yeah. >> let's go, charlie. >> yeah. >> schmitty just... >> swooped in and grabbed the most disgusting girl here. >> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with jon stewart. ["daily show" theme song playing] [cheers and applause] captioning sponsored by comedy central >> jon: welcome to "the daily show." my name is jon stewart. my guest tonight fresh off -- fresh off golden globe win for acting, producing, choreography, lena dunham is on the show. [cheers and applause] obviously the big news president obama's hotly anticipated announcement of his new steps to try to curb gun violence. ah, i
Comedy Central
Jan 23, 2013 11:30pm PST
am interested in, whenever i am interested in it." [ laughter ] [cheers and applause] so fellas, if you're interested in her, that is something you will have in common. [ laughter ] so romance-minded objectivists, log onto and find a love that lasts forever, or until you figure out which one of you is the parasite. [ laughter ] finally, i'm no fan of snakes. anything that hugs something to death has mommy issues. see a therapist. [ laughter ] and i'm not the only snake-hater out there. for more we turn to fox news' resident mongoose, shep smith. >> south florida has a snake problem, specifically a python problem. wildlife experts say as many as 150,000 burmese pythons are slithering around in the florida everglades. >> stephen: the problem stemmed from people importing these south asian monsters as exotic pets, and then letting them escape. and i'm giving a tip of the hat to florida officials for coming up with a plan. >> state officials have organized the 2013 python challenge. bag a python, you could pocket a reward of a thousand bucks. >> stephen: a thousand
Comedy Central
Jan 24, 2013 11:30pm PST
, fellas. i've infuriated my share of the ladies over the years and let me tell you, i get them there, okay? [ laughter ] they always seem pretty worked up. i can tell when it's real, i mean, they're screaming the whole time. i've even had neighbors complain. not to brag, but i've taken some women to a place that wasn't even human. [ laughter ] okay? two, three times a day-- when i was younger. of course. [ laughter ] now that i'm older, i mostly just get yelled at on my birthday. [ laughter ] [cheers and applause] thank you. i don't even understand your applause and i like it. [ laughter ] anyway, the hearings were a debacle that left unanswered the one question they were really about. is there anything we can use to stop hillary in 2016? [ laughter ] be rigl be rig] >> stephen: welcome back, everybody. my guest tonight has been a fixture of the fashion world since age 11. so, a little old to be a model. please welcome tavi gevinson! [cheers and applause] hey, tavi, nice to see you. thank you for coming on. >> thank you for having me. >> stephen: it's a pleasure. let me ex
Jan 7, 2013 11:00pm PST
again. the big fella did it his way. basically, a blowout from start to finish. 34-yard touchdown right there, caps a 97-yard td. tide roll. the third championship in the last four years. >>> they're packing up. san francisco's famed science museum has started a very big move. they started transporting explore exhibits. it's moving from the palace of fine arts to its new home at pier 68. the move is going to be tricky. it will take a few weeks to complete. the opening will be in april. >>> the microsoft campus in mountain view was robbed over the holidays. what did the burglars take? only the apple products. the thieves raided three microsoft offices and they took a bunch of ipads. no microsoft products were reported stolen. but from what i understand, microsoft makes a great tablet. >>> let's check in with jeff for a look at tomorrow. >> cold, some dense fog. dense fog advisory for the east bay and south bay. we're going to get showers wednesday night and thursday. it could go so cold we'll get snow at 1,000 feet by thursday morning. >> thanks for joining us tonight. jay leno's next. >
Jan 25, 2013 5:00pm PST
fellas in here and we know we got the right guys leading us and we're taking advantage of it. >> and we're going to take advantage of being in the big easy all next week starting sunday live shows right here on nbc bay area news. that will do it for now. i'll be back at 6:00, a complete report from santa clara. >> okay. we expect to see those wings. here's something you haven't seen. the newest colin capper nick t-shirt. the shirts feetier c ieier kaep face. >> we'll have more journalists on the ground in new orleans than any other local station. you can catch the reports on air and on we have the perfect for them, the finished t-shirt. just done. a perfect day to wear it. so sunny outside. kind of nice, kind of warm. let's check in with rob mayeda. >> we saw that 49 are golden sunshine. a mild if not muggy afternoon. temperatures still in the 60s, but get ready for a winter-like blast on the way for the weekend. we'll let you know if you need your imbrumbrella coming up. >> titanic turnaround. how little red envelopes have sent netflix soar into the black. >> an interna
Jan 8, 2013 1:00pm PST
. oh! ♪ >> oh! >> that's awesome. >> yes. an older fella here got his gopro attached to his trombone. this guy isn't in everyday trombonist, he's the second in the philharmonic, but a part, like it's going to move, and it looks like it's going to shoot right through his face. bun, of course, when something goes viral, people like to remix it, too. >> the resmix almost haunting. >> yeah. kind of like gangsta rap meets like, scary halloween music. but who knew? i'm going to attach a gopro to my trombone and before you know it, tons of people are watching it all over the world. >> isn't it kwlaez goes viral? this is hilarious to me that this is so incredibly popular. >>> doggy car chase. [ barking ] [ laughter ] >> there's nothing cuter than a baby interacting with a toy, except when you have two babies interacting with a toy. check out these two cuties. their eyes are so big. >> there are lights and sounds, and so close to my face. looks like we're going get hit with it. >> my eyes would be that big, too, if that thing came toward me. look at him. their eyes are already opened 5urd, bu
Jan 9, 2013 1:00pm PST
eloquent when he's excited, too. >> yeah. very articulate fella. >> golly! >>> when you find out what's going on in this video, you're just -- >> this is a public restroom in a train station in taiwan. pay close attention to the dude in the red shirt. he is behind a guy at the urinal -- >> doing some booty sniffing i. was wondering if that's what you were going say. >> he's a butt smeller. >> and then he noticed that he's caught. >> look at his face. >> are we sure that he's sniffing and not trying to steal something? maybe? >> now, according to reports that go along with this video, this is, in fact, booty sniffing, and if you do it, a google search for it, sorry to say i did, while at work today, other complaints of booty sniffing across the globe come up. >> oh, my god. so it's -- this guy is smelling some random person's butt for fun? >> could be. could be that this is his thing. >> how does the guy at the urinal not sense that somebody's crouched behind him? >> and does this not make you two wonder if anyone has ever sniffed your butt that you don't know? >> now -- no! >> i mean,
Jan 22, 2013 1:00pm PST
a couple of videos for you of older gentlemen doing whatever the heck they want. >> these fella, neighbors, and it's rubbage day in the uk and they can't decide which side of the street the trash should really go on. >> arguing over what rubbage should be on what side of the road. should it be outside his house or outside my house. >> they're walking back and forth carrying the other garbage to the other side. >> this is rubbage! ridiculous! >> there is laughter. up see the guys looking at the camera. i think in know it's sully. >> i don't think they think it's funny at all. they're being laughed at. a passive/aggressive move, the trash should be on your side, bro. very childish. >> whoever gets their garbage picked up first? >> where do the get the purple garbage bags? >> they're nice. >> they are. off the highway bag. >> very fashionable. >> goes on and on and basically keep walking the garbage back and forth. no winner declared. in this next video from china, i think this guy is definitely the winner of his own race. he loves to exercise in china and oddly minus 22 degrees fahrenheit ou
Jan 8, 2013 1:35am PST
: and by plugged into the wall do you mean something sexual? geoff: that's a reminder fellas. don't check. just listen. craig: click click click everybody. good night. the theories about what went wrong... and what we' about the man at t >>> an oil tankers sideswipes the bay bridge. theories about what went wrong and what we've learned about the man at the helm. i am ken bastida. >> i am elizabeth cook. >> it was headed out to seas when it hit echo tower the tower west of yerba buena island. linda yee is on treasure island. a lot of us remember a few years ago and the environmental nightmare it was but this tanker was empty. >> reporter: yes, it was. it had just unloaded its cargo of fuel in martinez and then moved into the waters south of the bay bridge where it anchored awaiting any new orders of cargo it may have to load. none came so the ship left this morning and the tanker hit the bridge. preliminary findings are human error. when the tanker hit the tower, fog was thick and visibility a quarter mile. >> this is a scrape, for the bay bridge. didn
Jan 22, 2013 7:00pm PST
is brought to all these places. and they tell the woman, "take a look. that fella, does it look like that guy that robbed you?" it's the same. (martin scorsese) that's one of the films we studied for "taxi driver." where, utilizing this idea of the point of view, where everything goes through travis bickle's mind and eyes. (martin scorsese) you see everything in the film through him. and that's one of the reasons we studied "the wrong man" because it has that feeling of claustrophobia and paranoia that was so perfect for "taxi driver." (robert de niro) some day a real rain'll come and wash all this scum off. what it does is it draws you right in to their world the way they see it, the way they imagine it, the way they perceive it. (ray liotta) there was jimmy and tommy (ray liotta) and me. (ray liotta) and anthony stabile. (martin scorsese) you see the person walk in and he's standing there. and then you cut to see what he sees. but the camera starts to move. it becomes his point of view. i did one of those in "goodfellas" where everybody's saying, "hi, how are you," where they're introducing
Jan 27, 2013 11:00am EST
in politics by bill clinton and the others, it has to clear this fella here. he clearly seems to want to run. he has that strong debate performance in the fall against paul ryan. and he got that fiscal cliff agreement going lafment month. and then he took on the lead on the gun control proposal. so do both of them run, listen to what biden told our colleague, deploria borger, this week about -- gloria borger, this week about running. >> i haven't made that judgment and hillary hasn't made that judgment but i can tell you what. everything that should be done over the next two years that i should be part of would have to be done whether i run or i don't run. chris: is that what he's like when you grab him at the white house and get ahead of him and talk -- >> that's who he is. the fact of the matter is he wants to run. he's right about this from what i understand in my reporting and knows beating hillary in a primary is near impossible and he's not going to drag out and have this big long primary fight. if hillary decides to run he'll look at it for a while and quietly back out. chris: how do
Jan 24, 2013 12:00pm EST
the way you are, little fella. (cries) you don't know what it's like to be little! i want to be big! huge! like a ... like a giant! hey, gi-ant! sounds like there's an ant in giant. gi-ant! actually, there is. look. this is the word "giant." giant. and this is the word "ant." a-n-t. ant. so there's an ant in every giant? huh. who knew? narrator: well, this gave our little friend ant a very big idea. so, just by adding the letters g and i, an ant could become a giant? (gasps) hey, does anyone have the letters g and i? huh? do ya do ya? here we go! g-i... a-n-t. (laughs) that-that... that tickles! that tic... oh! whoa! whoa! kids: giant! (all gasp) (laughs) that's right i'm giant! (giggles) check me out! wow, little... i mean, big... buddy. uh, you're huge! this is what it's like to be big! i like it! (laughing): okay. now let's play some b-ball! narrator: and this time, being a giant made a big big difference. (frog and sheep gasp) coming through. excuse me. both: yeah! pig & bear (chanting): gi-ant! gi-ant! gi-ant! gi-ant! (croaking) can we play something else n
Jan 5, 2013 6:00pm EST
during warmups. fans showed up in large numbers, 17,000 today. alex lynn big fella drawing the double dip. that means layman is open. splash. the freshman came in averaging just 3 points a game. remember that. what did he have for breakfast this morning. ihop or he hops. how about the follow slam? he had 20 points and virginia tech were in orange but they needed groan. eric green crosses over but the hokies' defense awful. allen to the 10. the terps score 53 in the first half. how about the triple try from there? 3 of his 21. how about a point? a ukrainian exclamation point. maryland wins the 13th straight 94-71. hey coach? it seems like someone different stepping up every game. >> i don't know who our best players are. i really don't. and i think dez when the game is on the line can get to the foul line or the rim and he's really good. alex when he was playing great, you know he was separation. but shaq is coming on now. i think we all feel comfortable as coaches whoever we put in they can handle the situation and it's going to be fun to watch this team just continue to get better. >> it
Jan 26, 2013 6:00pm EST
, except for inside the gym. throw it down, big fella. gw beats charlotte by 28 today. they win big. all right, you may not have noticed, but virginia is in the thick of things in the acc. anybody going to guard mitchell? two of the easiest he'll ever have. the wide open 16-6 for him. a lot of wide open flushing today. joe harris to justin anderson for the finish. uva goes to 4-2. 65-51 over d.c. all right, 17 days until pitchers and catchers report. wow. do you believe that? 17 days. the way washington opens against miami, april 1 at home. want to know how stoked fans are? should give us an idea. cold weather saturday, every excuse not to go. fans win. look at this. a new red army here in washington, d.c. nats fans turned out in big numbers today at the convention center. including the mayer. how about that? the big news, the confirmation of the 5th president in the president's race. that's big ben, william howard taft officially joining george, abe, and teddy. taft threw out the first presidential ceremonial first pitch in 1910 at griffith stadium in d.c. >>> saturday was the final wor
Jan 26, 2013 11:00pm EST
. watch mason. i believe i can fly. duke wins by 20. wow. >>> who says fellas from argentina can't fly? gw beats charlotte by 28. and you may not have noticed but virginia is in the thick of things in the acc. mitchell, wide open in the paint. he had 16 points, six boards. virginia rolling today, also breaking pressure, joe harris to justin anderson. uva goes to 4-2 in the league. they win by 14 over bc. >>> could the masses slowly be coming around to the baltimore ravens? maybe. now it's about down to 3. rave ns head coach john harbaugh could care less. he gave his team a few days to take care of logistics, then demanded they get down to business of winning super bowl xlvii. the ravens unwrapping their super bowl preparations saturday. the final workout before they packed a plane to new orleans. the team holds a fan send-off. harbaugh said today was similar to an end of the week workout, just trying to get his team ready for the mission at hand. >> today was a friday practice in football time and we had an excellent practice. our guys are very sharp and they're excited and we'll have
Jan 4, 2013 7:00am PST
's a -- >> what is that? >> he's an older fella, that likes to dance to the commodores. wearing a suit that he calls the fun funky tangerine. doing a move he calls the funky tangerine. it might also be the name of the dance -- >> that he's doing. >> of the inflatable orange suit. >> oh. i like that one. >> that one disturbs me. >> is it filled up with air? >> keep them coming, elizabeth. i can use all the follow-ups you got. it's friday. and sometimes we just want to show you people in big, orange, inflatable suits. so, guess what. i have for you, america, take a look. >> oh, yeah. >> oh, my gosh. oh, yeah. >> just in case, america, you were wondering. this is the same fella that was riding the broken mechanical bull yesterday. there he is. get down with your bad self. >> he's earning his pay this week. >>> what do we have? we have the cast of "downton abbey" coming up. >> oh, yeah. work it. >>> we have deejay friday. we've got it all. go nowhere. owhere. soulmat husband. loving father to your children. but first you've got to get him to say, "hello." new crest 3d white arctic fresh toothpaste
Jan 2, 2013 12:45am EST
that in my life. well fella, at that point picture stars on the table and say say mr. president, you've clearly lost her confidence in me. i am out of here. that's the george marshall would've said had fdr spoken like that to him. we know this because of douglas macarthur pulled this out with roosevelt early in presidency, bristow said he must not talk to the president like that. so these guys had an understanding that then that we seem to have lost in our senior leaders way that their job is to speak truth to power, even when it's uncomfortable, especially when it's uncomfortable. dissent expressed internally is the highest form of loyalty. >> that's where you want to come back to the iraq war, the current iraq war and ask why you think it is to the extent there has been blamed to portion, it is rested mostly with bush and those who chose to pursue the war. the military has not been large been seen by the public to be accountable for what by any accounts was an awfully long-term come expensive and not super successful effort to do a country that was far smaller than u.s., had nothin
Jan 1, 2013 7:00am PST
dig grave for him. alright. i'll get scout ready for traveling. come, fella. all done, tonto? me ready. ready to go after rest of cavendish gang, now? yes, as soon as we can. but i have got to get a mount of some sort. we'll head off toward wild horse valley. here take, scout. for two days the lone ranger and tonto, traveled toward the remote valley of wild horses. where a particularly sturdy breed of horses lives. unknown and unmollested by the hunters of the west. later, the entrance of this valley the ranger and tonto hear the sounds of a furious horse. beyond the rocks and small glenn. they capture glimpse of a huge buffalo about to go at the life of a fallen horse. quickly, the lone ranger, reaches for his gun. you hit him, kimosabe. i hope it was soon enough, tonto. ♪ ♪ buffalo dying. horse look bad. me shoot him? no, tonto. i'm going to try to pull him through. well, old fellow, you're in bad shape. lot of bumps and bruises. tonto, get some rags from the supplies and bring the canteen. me do. so, in an instant, the lone ranger, has made a momentous decision, for he has
Jan 1, 2013 6:00pm PST
>> yeah, i imagine. >> hi, fellas. >> wait till the boys back at the office hear about this, kelly. you must be leading a fat life to fall for a pair of shoes. >> you know tricky dick? >> know him? he almost flunked me in advanced blowing up suspension bridges. meet my instructor from indoctrination school. >> kelly robinson. >> you half-wit. you're gonna get yourself killed with those practical jokes someday. you know, when he pulled that on me in class one time, i like to shot my leg right off. scotty, meet russ conley. partner, meet my teacher. >> how you doing? >> well, what are you doing in hong kong? >> vacation. >> that's great. you picked the right place for it. we'll make him swing, will we not? >> yes. >> yes, we will. really a vacation, or...? >> well, there was a pretty rough assignment in hawaii. i got a little banged up. they asked me where i wanted to go for my vacation. i said hong kong. >> right. >> while i was at it, the pentagon said deliver this, which makes me a diplomatic pouch of a kind who could do with a small drink to make us a toast. >> well, we got some
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 139 (some duplicates have been removed)